Today, consumers seek more than experiences. They are searching for something authentic and meaningful, connecting with themselves to satisfy their inherent need for self-actualisation. Consumers are no longer choosing products and services according to how closely they match their likes and interests. Rather, they look for the extent to which they can connect on the most personal level and, in doing so, undergo a realised sense of transformation. It is the brands that offer these types of deeper meaning and connection with their customers that will stay ahead of the game.





At our previous and highly successful design conferences, we have welcomed an exceptional lineup of speakers with varied perspectives on all things business, design and education. The days are always filled with engaging conversation and the chance to meet like-minded individuals with a passion for gaining a deeper understanding into all aspects of the future of learning, how we work and the ever changing community of design.

Each and every one of the industry leaders we are proud enough to host, bring a new way of thinking, and an inspiring interpretation of how we are constantly evolving as creatives. Each conference we hold makes us extremely proud to be a part a new design community that continues to grow through learning.

What is
Experience Haus?

Dedicated to delivering affordable education and spaces for self-improvement. Experience Haus provides applied learning courses for organisations and individuals covering an abundance of digital expertise. In the wake of expensive living costs, low-cost education is essential. Experience Haus offers practitioner taught technical skills training for high demand disciplines such as Influencer Marketing, Product and UX Design and User Research.

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Who is
the mof group?

Matter Of Form Group are an award-winning group of digital agencies with around 60 consultants brand strategists, experience designers, content producers, software engineers and trainers. We work with exceptional brands who are looking to leverage technology, generate business value and create beautiful digital experiences for their customers, all without compromising the identity that makes their brand so strong.

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Sponsorship opportunities for A Conversation About Design: The Transformation Economy are available. To enquire, please contact Emma Blackmore


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